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I will not shy away from giving you advice where it’s needed. However, I’m not shy to leave you, to step away when I see you influenced or influencing that which is bad. I have a tendency to invite my readers to board my train of thought by exercising a monotonous regularity every time. Start a trend and it will develop into a habit, but this time it isn’t out of habit, it’s out of despair; this time it’s a different sweat.

Uncovering a formula that incorporates a balance of perspective in a world where if you’re too pleasant it will eat you up, and if you’re frightful it will spit you out, unfolded into a tiresome adventure (or something of the sort). A means to put an end to the snags in the blueprint. To obtain a chain of solutions, the first step was to highlight the soaring indistinguishable issues that have persistently been a source of distraction for all too long.

I sought it best to put together a list of the subject areas that have been scrutinized in MaariyaThinks so far:

  • Contretemps– Judgement vs. observation
  • Marriage– History of marriage vs. the current trend
  • Ego– Body, mind, soul and religion
  • Fickle friend– Sacrifice
  • Tech addict– Technology vs. 21st Century
  • I do not have a title– Reality vs. Dreams
  • Word– Inadequacy of words?
  • Influenced– Truth
  • Forgive– Forgiveness vs. Justice
  • 01/01/2016– Desires, needs and frustrations
  • Happy Holidays– Attitude vs. change
  • Closure– Perspective vs. Will to truth
  • 14/12/2015– Happiness?
  • December– Change
  • End of 2014?– The future

I expect that you may have reached at the same destination. Regardless, I insist on drawing you a map.Real life is not one dimensional. As individuals, we find ourselves being pulled in many directions by myriad internal and external forces. In a society, the complexity increases manifold as these forces intersect in complex ways. But how do you view your position? How far do you abuse your freedom of choice?

To officially conclude MaariyaThinks; yesterday we debated about your actions, we pointed the finger at you, we thought you were wrong when we weren’t right, we forgot what was important for you and what is important for our souls; but each time God helped me through it, through the doors of religion (Islam) we found our answers.

Remember… ‘Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines!’ – Robery H. Schuller.   Like the lines on this page you can’t see, that make reading this text a lot easier.

“You can’t control how other people receive your energy. Anything you do or say gets filtered through the lens of whatever they are going through at the moment, which is not about you. Just keep doing your thing with as much integrity and love as possible.” Nanea Hoffman –


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The perception of a single meaning is called a conception, the perception of the relation between two is known as a judgement. The first should always be mentioned before the second because it naturally precedes it.

-It is wrong to judge without obtaining initial conception?

Perception is literally what we call time, a method where one moment is compared to another. So time comes to exist as a result of comparisons made between a number of illusions stored in the brain. Therefore time is not an absolute fact but a sort of perception. Einstein sets the mark here, his theory of General Relativity states that “time has no independent existence apart from the order of events by which we measure it”… And that’s all I have to say about that.

I previously cited Nietzsche regarding his argument on the will to truth; ‘… the question as to which perception of the world is correct is quite meaningless’. Due to the uniqueness of every ego, we individually experience the same event differently, each ego takes heed of its own will to truth consciously whilst disregarding the real way of life. You see the brain is real while the mind is not. The mind is the uncontrolled thoughts that evidently spiral into existence from the subconscious. As the brain in used as a tool to recall names, places, numbers and memories; the mind is an obstruction, an aggravation.

I want to speak of choice less awareness, by that I am referring to observation, constant observation of ones self to the state where the mind’s unconscious tendencies wake the conscious. Let’s say that observations of this sort banish attachments. Through choice less awareness we not only become detached, we refrain from labelling any passions or desires (as good or bad), we execute our habitually judgemental self and simply become a witness- standing apart.  The critic, the conscious, the opinionated arrogance to reality no longer needs our companionship. Free we shall be. Widows to our conditioned mind.

Truth is you really are what you think… The EGOistic mind can be easily distracted and engulfed by one state of being. For example, you could influence your mind to focus solely on forgiveness and justice; you do so by engaging your efforts and energy into attaining forgiveness and justice. Or you may chose to focus on your needs and desires; through which your being becomes dedicated to selfishness.

Must it be one or the other? Why can’t we each pick a state that fits in alliance to our ego – but isn’t controlled by our ego – and simply switch to another mode irrespective of time and emotion? Maybe that is what we do, we become governed by a state of our ego, a state that dictates our every action and judgement until we are compiled to switch to another.

What we acknowledge to be is comprised of the judgements made by our mind, but what is the source of our conceptions? The answer is simple, our perceptions are based on previous observations or pre-conditioned experiences or the beliefs we hold. We feel how we feel because of what we have previously experienced, we see what we chose to see, we hear what we’re used to hearing because it’s what we’ve been taught, it’s what we know… and the list goes on. Change what you see, change what you listen to, change who you spend your time with and you will see the change within you, it’s as simple as that (if you chose to).




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I do not have a title

  • What constitutes real?

Is real what passes through your eyes? as far as we know, eyes do not process information, rather they gather occasions or situations. 

It is the brain that transfers these images and allocates them to happiness, love and laughter. So then it seems what we see is not real, rather it is what we process and what the brain decides, that is real.

Well, if you ask me; it’s all an illusion, it’s all fake, it’s all about fake it till you make it. You know how the ‘world’ works nowadays. It’s an idea that they’ve made us buy into. An idea so contentious it makes me teary eyed. A scheme which wasn’t designed to bring us a better life but a perception of how one should live, sought by those wise men who never lived. This mundane, materialistic, ignorant, selfish concept of a Hollywood/Bollywood lifestyle we yearn to aspire to because for some odd reason it defines success!

Maybe emotions have a part to play after all, they mark the difference between a virtual reality that latches onto hearts and one which solely catches eyes. I remorse all the emotions I fail to experience partly due to the veil put before my eyes. Just because it prevails doesn’t mean it can’t be removed.

  • So where do dreams come from?

Are desires born in my head or heart? Do my eyes dictate what is real? does my brain transport me through my life? Or is it the heart, does the heart see, does it feel? Does it show me what i really want to see?

What of dreams? Dreams we have while we sleep, or dreams we yearn to live? They say ‘make your dreams come true’, ‘work hard today and live the rest of your life as a champion’, ‘work hard in silence let success be your noise’. Then they preach these motivating one-liners on networking sites using large bold fonts because they want to drive you to a better life, a life you’ve only read about and seen on the TV. However,they know their audience is weak, words can only be stretched as far as their meaning. So they combine pictures with these quotes, pictures of the perfect beach body, a man driving the latest car, a prestige mansion, skyscrapers, the Burj Khalifa and so on.

They insist your desires become like theirs, they make you feel as you deserve a lavish lifestyle and so you define your success according to that picture, to that quote preached by that celebrity that you later learnt committed suicide.

Im merely expressing an opinion, an opinion that wasn’t designed to conflict with your dreams, but an opinion which insists you to take a skeptic approach.

What’s influencing your dreams? Who’s reality are you living?


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“The world is three days: As for yesterday, it has vanished along with all that was in it. As for tomorrow, you may never see it. As for today, it is yours, so work on it” – Hassan Al-Basri

Are desires, needs, frustrations the same thing? 

Let’s begin by addressing these as separate entities, not because I think they are.
Desire, a longing or a craving for something that brings satisfaction. In simpler terms, a solution for the itch? Usually requiring a quick solution.
Need, plain and simple is a necessary requirement, without which failure is the only option. It’s all obligatory, my duty and responsibility.
In this instance let’s face it, frustration isn’t any different to need, although it signifies the result of failing a necessary need or desire.
I couldn’t tell you if a desire can/should/will be stronger than a need and vice versa. F frustration, attack its roots, it’s the black hole.
I can however comment on the issues that are encompassed within them. It isn’t as deep as it seems. You must delicate what a need is and the reasons for why it’s not a desire, and ensure your priorities work in a manner that best suits and reflects your reasons for this decision.
One should understand the different types of desires they may have and decide if the itch is worthy of a remedy.
You could always fuse desire, need and frustration into one category and pretend what you feel in a particular moment demands priority and action.
I want you to think of moments like these
Moments that are not defined by the activities one carries out
Moments that don’t lend themselves to any particular surroundings
Moments that don’t need pretense.
I don’t know if I should or even if I could, but I know that I would
Carve out a moment in time, free from bigotry, safe from any retribution.
A moment free from the restrictions of time.
A second away from my inhibitions, a minute to fulfill my inhibition.
A moment that allows us to fuel the desire, feed the fire, just a moment
Where can I find  just that moment with you, moments like these?
Some call this reckless or immature, but its your choice… Play with the variables.
Anyhow, this is what I think.
Sometimes I engrave my name on a bench, sit on it, and pretend I knew myself.

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