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I challenged my readers in person to critic my recent blog posts. One demanded a reference for the quotes I advertise, so I intended to take the feedback on board. Here goes…

Think before you speak, for spoken words don’t always enter one ear and leave the other. -Maariya

The inadequacy of words or our incompetence towards them?

All the poetry ever written

Every verse and every line
All the love songs in the world
Every melody and rhyme
If they were combined
They would still be unable to express
What I want to define
When I try to describe my love for you

I want to open you up to a philosophical idea here (well part of it), one I am determine to win you over with. It begins with Ludwig Wittgenstein and his fellow associate Friedrich Waisemann. Basically an issue they highlight is that the same word that expresses a certain emotion can not be expressed in its same likeness were it to be translated. There you have it, a classic example for the question stated earlier. I insist we have a problem, I just need an answer as to what it is.

Maybe that’s why poetry was designed; to play with words until there were no more synonyms left for expression, just the thirst for another to do the understanding. There are countless quotes I could bombard you with right here, but I’ll let you give the answer to this one.

I guess we all know though, words are to blame in all of this, they’re most certainly are inadequate. Maybe its not the person, it’s their words that are wrong. And with that, their mistakes become a product of my misunderstanding.



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