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I do not have a title

  • What constitutes real?

Is real what passes through your eyes? as far as we know, eyes do not process information, rather they gather occasions or situations. 

It is the brain that transfers these images and allocates them to happiness, love and laughter. So then it seems what we see is not real, rather it is what we process and what the brain decides, that is real.

Well, if you ask me; it’s all an illusion, it’s all fake, it’s all about fake it till you make it. You know how the ‘world’ works nowadays. It’s an idea that they’ve made us buy into. An idea so contentious it makes me teary eyed. A scheme which wasn’t designed to bring us a better life but a perception of how one should live, sought by those wise men who never lived. This mundane, materialistic, ignorant, selfish concept of a Hollywood/Bollywood lifestyle we yearn to aspire to because for some odd reason it defines success!

Maybe emotions have a part to play after all, they mark the difference between a virtual reality that latches onto hearts and one which solely catches eyes. I remorse all the emotions I fail to experience partly due to the veil put before my eyes. Just because it prevails doesn’t mean it can’t be removed.

  • So where do dreams come from?

Are desires born in my head or heart? Do my eyes dictate what is real? does my brain transport me through my life? Or is it the heart, does the heart see, does it feel? Does it show me what i really want to see?

What of dreams? Dreams we have while we sleep, or dreams we yearn to live? They say ‘make your dreams come true’, ‘work hard today and live the rest of your life as a champion’, ‘work hard in silence let success be your noise’. Then they preach these motivating¬†one-liners on networking sites using large bold fonts because they want to drive you to a better life, a life you’ve only read about and seen on the TV. However,they know their audience is weak, words can only be stretched as far as their meaning. So they combine pictures with these quotes, pictures of the perfect beach body, a man driving the latest car, a prestige mansion, skyscrapers, the Burj Khalifa and so on.

They insist your desires become like theirs, they make you feel as you deserve a lavish lifestyle and so you define your success according to that picture, to that quote preached by that celebrity that you later learnt committed suicide.

Im merely expressing an opinion, an opinion that wasn’t designed to conflict with your dreams, but an opinion which insists you to take a skeptic approach.

What’s influencing your dreams? Who’s reality are you living?



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