I have stopped sharing my thoughts- I no longer see you worthy. This is my doing, I am to blame. I wish to hide. There is all too much wrong- I’m only looking at the bad.

2018- I wont lie- I’ve been stuck, distracted, influenced and confused- Its always easy to highlight an issue and solve a problem- But so many at the same time? No thanks. I have not picked a topic- I will analyse thoughts. 

14.06.2017– Everything that has happened up until the last hour has not happened out of chore. It has not come into being by its own accord. Everything that has happened has led us here to this point.

30.11.2017– We do eventually end up receiving the love we deserve, even if it’s not from those who we wanted it from. My anger stems into so many branches, for many reasons – on days like today. My behaviours needless to say, invites problems which bring me to my current state of misery. Misery as in, there is misery in the air that lingers around me. I guess I chose to be this way, I enjoy this way of living- my mood- I control my thoughts which control my words.

07.09.2017– Like the lines on this page you cannot see (that makes the reading easier), you learn from your mistakes. You’re always making new ones. Learn from others, recognise your own. You are but everyday evolving and dying a little more.

12.10.2017– The heart is a powerful body, one of kind. It’s fierce, loyal, caring, forgiving, appreciating and TBE. If only we paid more attention to what it wants, to what it needs- needs for you. For your life. Many of times I have purposely ignored the existence of the heart. I have constantly attempted for us to understand my reasoning to behave morally good, to be forgiving, to be grateful; sought by a thorough clear conscience. The heart gets what it’s always wanted/ what it silently wishes. It mustn’t be abused- like the mind- we must obtain a balance! 

The heart is easily influenced? 

25.12.2017– A topic such as the one I insist on conversing about warrants you to idealise how you project your choices how you view your position- How far you abuse your freedom of free will.
Maybe your life depends on the period (era) you are born and into the family you are born into, and that may be what dictates your life. Now, this era doesn’t so much dictate our lives. Now they tell you to speak your mind- but we have become slaves to our desires. The question is how exactly are these desires come into being. Who’s in control?

What should you be referring to as the guidelines for your living?




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  1. Gardien d'coeur lord

    Just once in a decade or more someone enters a doorway and fills a room with light, ambition, drive, intelligence and a personality so overwhelming that you know you are in the presence of someone special with limitless potential and you Know that this person must remain true to this potential and never be wilted by over tending of others but instead, realise their gift and what gifts they can give. Look skywards and be true to yourself and do not waste the flame that burns within your heart and wonderful mind.

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