Tech addict

I need to get something of my mind, and it’s not you.

What defines abuse? What’s to say I’m using my phone too much, who can categorize and limit my use on the internet? When is it too much time wasted? Shelve your daily struggles for the nonce and turn your attention to technology.

A room full of people, and they’re all staring into the black mirror. It parades all but their beauty, it disturbs the peace in the room, it insists we neglect what’s before us. What ever happened to living in the present. Stop planning the future and barricade the past.

Technology was to be a beautiful invention, now I despise its existence. Don’t text her when I’m sat next to you, she’s not here. I am. What ever happened to conversing? Technology happened. The TV doesn’t bother me, you can enjoy being fat and lazy.

“Life is like a prism. What you see depends on how you turn the glass.”                       Jonathan Kellerman

The drug of tech has us hooked, surely side-effects must prevail. Meet Charlie Brooker; ‘We routinely do things that just five years ago would scarcely have made sense to us. We tweet along to reality shows; we share videos of strangers dropping cats in bins; we dance in front of Xboxes that can see us, and judge us, and find us sorely lacking. It’s hard to think of a single human function that technology hasn’t somehow altered, apart perhaps from burping.’

Do we enjoy switching from one black screen to another? I know I don’t. I read somewhere that many predicted the invention of the television would go unnoticed because people would not have the time to sit and watch it.

Technology is all very well when it’s used for the right reasons; just limit, watch, question and contemplate your use of it.



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4 responses to “Tech addict

  1. Jamil

    So true and at the same time oblivious to the masses. Maariya you put it into perspective, the art of conversation has all but vanished and now we are alongside zombies who malfunction without a phone like a drug Addict without his fix!
    So inspiring thank you Maariya

    • I guess we need to find the right balance, but its hard! We are made to depend on it- Welcome to the future

      • Jamil

        The world is a very subjective place, with technology their is also the intellectual advancement and human development aspect. All is not lost but the focus definitely needs to go in the right direction. In a world that allows you to read any book, learn any language, market your business, order any meal with a click of one button. More probably (my opinion) needs to be done on that side than what is. We have world now in where gangnam style (in where I am also a viewer victim lol) has the most views than any other on YouTube, it’s little surprise the world is filled with people that resemble zombies from Dawn of the dead.
        I admire your writing and we need people like you who are open to talking about these issues.
        Please Keep blogging because your views really open peoples eyes to a greater understanding of life! #bethebestyoucanbe

        Btw your pic is grrrrrrr 🐯👌

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