Practically most of us have been victims of the bitter injustice of wrongdoings. We have all also struggled in a variety of ways to forgive and to obtain forgiveness.

The act of forgiveness isn’t as straight forward and easy as it seems, regardless of who and how one pardons another.  Ultimately the forgiveness I’d like to talk about isn’t the forgiveness from God, but from one person. -Ask me why-

Why?…  For the obvious reason of course;

1) Forgiveness is no longer subjected to the privatisation of religious faith

2) Forgiveness discontinues to be treated as regarding merely interpersonal relationships

And so forgiveness begins to be regarded as a matter of public discourse and practice, a matter that warrants more than the words of God to console the soul, a matter that longs a solution. An absolution that we can see, feel, and hear. Well, that is what we preach, that is what a modern mindset would preach.

‘Forgiveness is an act of undeserved favor, it is morally good, our forgiveness is rooted in Gods forgiveness. Forgive when you are asked to forgive, I know its hard. But you are weak’

Forget the wrong, forget the sin, forget the mistake, forget the pain. Focus on the healing, the reconciliation, the apology, the positive side of things.

There are two ideological differences that inevitably exist. The conservative and the progressive. Let us take the conservative view, lets be traditionalists, lets preserve what we think we know best, leave it up to God. Let us forgive and move on. Or lets take the progressive stand, lets advocate change, lets progress to a better future, lets be ignorant towards the wrongdoers they deserve no pardon, lets ensure the past doesn’t once again become our present.

You can be a person of either of the two ideologies, but which one is the best one? I know which one I’d pick. I refuse to overshadow this post with my personal opinion on forgiveness, I also refuse to give a reason as to why.

‘One “forgives” when revenge is impossible, but as this would be insincere forgiveness, one nurses resentment’ (Nietzsche 1887). Nietzsche’s argument of forgiveness from his writings in Genealogy of Morals and Gay Sciences advocates that to forgive is as if one is to forget the wrong.

Is forgiveness possible without justice?  



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