“The world is three days: As for yesterday, it has vanished along with all that was in it. As for tomorrow, you may never see it. As for today, it is yours, so work on it” – Hassan Al-Basri

Are desires, needs, frustrations the same thing? 

Let’s begin by addressing these as separate entities, not because I think they are.
Desire, a longing or a craving for something that brings satisfaction. In simpler terms, a solution for the itch? Usually requiring a quick solution.
Need, plain and simple is a necessary requirement, without which failure is the only option. It’s all obligatory, my duty and responsibility.
In this instance let’s face it, frustration isn’t any different to need, although it signifies the result of failing a necessary need or desire.
I couldn’t tell you if a desire can/should/will be stronger than a need and vice versa. F frustration, attack its roots, it’s the black hole.
I can however comment on the issues that are encompassed within them. It isn’t as deep as it seems. You must delicate what a need is and the reasons for why it’s not a desire, and ensure your priorities work in a manner that best suits and reflects your reasons for this decision.
One should understand the different types of desires they may have and decide if the itch is worthy of a remedy.
You could always fuse desire, need and frustration into one category and pretend what you feel in a particular moment demands priority and action.
I want you to think of moments like these
Moments that are not defined by the activities one carries out
Moments that don’t lend themselves to any particular surroundings
Moments that don’t need pretense.
I don’t know if I should or even if I could, but I know that I would
Carve out a moment in time, free from bigotry, safe from any retribution.
A moment free from the restrictions of time.
A second away from my inhibitions, a minute to fulfill my inhibition.
A moment that allows us to fuel the desire, feed the fire, just a moment
Where can I find  just that moment with you, moments like these?
Some call this reckless or immature, but its your choice… Play with the variables.
Anyhow, this is what I think.
Sometimes I engrave my name on a bench, sit on it, and pretend I knew myself.

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