A quick one

Experience comes uninvited, leaves entertained and that’s why I love it.

I have learnt that my needs and happiness does not lie in the hands of others. Many of times I have created and designed friendships in the hope that they become capable of demonstrating the unimaginable. That was my weakness. I have focused too much on relationships to not have acknowledged what I thought I needed I already had.

Love, happiness, sadness, anger, regret and forgiveness.

Unfortunately they incorporate several definitions, each for their own. It does not threaten me.

‘Passion is degraded, as if it were only in unseemly cases, and not necessarily and always, the motive of force; in as much as it has for its objects something of no great value, amusement.The misunderstanding of passion and reason, as if the latter were an independent entity and not rather a system of relations between various passions and desires; as if every passion did not possess its quantum of reason’. 



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