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Money Dance

In this current climate

You’re like a fine painting on a wall, I never touch you, yet I gaze at you longingly

And get lost in the translation of you


Even though I don’t own you , I own in my head how I interpret you.



Even though I can’t afford you, I have already mapped out where I would put you in my house.



Even though you’re a masterpiece, I can still see how I could improve you

and the list goes on


But after the museum is closed I still sit in the car park and make space in my boot, always wondering about how I know what life is like without you, but imagine a life where you are there in my boot…




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Happy holidays

Being able to change yourself and adapt yourself to other people has become a rare characteristic I find in a very few people.

I have to change and adapt myself around others timing, preference, ideas, feelings and agendas. So then, I decide how I change and for who I change.

I change and adapt myself around my parents firstly, simply because they are my parents, and that’s all I have to say about that.

Secondly, I shape my sleeping pattern and clear my weekdays for work, I do this because it provides me with my income.

I conform to these entities in my life because they give me back as much as I put in. Now if parents and work came to clash with one another I would analyse and pick one over the other, that other always being my parents. Hence, I chose my work based on the requirements of my parents.

The point I’m trying to make is that I have to change myself according to how they work. I drive where the road takes me, not where I want to take the car. Of course that does not mean that relationships work in the way the other wants it to, I should have a say. But their needs to be a balance. Priority and loyalty.

Things get complicated when a lover or a friendship takes the spotlight here, i prefer not to mention that topic in this post… I still yet have a lot to learn.

‘Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get’


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Happy New Year

Why do people hold this particular day so high? The day doesn’t signify anything its only a culmination of the years tasks and events, if you overachieved then tomorrow is another day. If you did less then fair enough, you have tomorrow to do it.

But we are not people of situations or events, we are different. Each day provides us with an opportunity, enjoy the day, life will only get harder and rougher so take that time to get off the battle field and strategically plan the day after tomorrow.

The reason as to why I dedicated many of my posts to the subject of perspective was not to express meaning, truth, truthfulness, forgiveness, past, present and the future in a manner I tolerated. However it was to understand, learn and enjoy life and all its battles. Nevermore in regard to one person, experience or idea. It was to learn from experiences and understand emotions through a range of contexts.

I pray it was as easy as that. I do not intend to uncover a definite solution on which perspective/attitude/outlook/approach to adopt in events and situations, I simply yearn to understand. Because truth is, it’s all too deep.


Problem of how to determine the definite perspective:

‘That the insect or bird perceives an entirely different world from the one humans do, and that the question of as to which of these perceptions of the world is more correct is quite meaningless.’

(Twilight of the Idols, 86)


Truthfulness, suspicion and truth

‘Two ideas are very prominent in modern thought and culture. On the one hand, there is an intense commitment to truthfulness – or, at any rate, a pervasive suspiciousness, a readiness against being fooled, an eagerness to see through appearances to the real structures and motives that lie behind them.  [. . .] Together with this demand for truthfulness, however, or (to put it less positively) this reflex against deceptiveness, there is an equally pervasive suspicion about truth itself: whether there is such a thing; if there is, whether it can be more than relative or subjective or something of that kind, altogether, whether we should bother about it, in carrying on our activities or giving an account of them.’


‘These two things, the devotion to truthfulness and the suspicion directed to the idea of truth, are connected to one another. The desire for truthfulness drives a process of criticism which weakness the assurance that there is any secure or unqualifiedly stateable truth.’

(Williams 2002 [Truth and truthfulness]


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