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Jon- “You do realize that you are a termite. You are eating through my soul”


Empty words, Strumpet,

The perfidious lover, with a disingenuous essence, be careful of the willingness to deceive’

I render into account the psychological, moral and spiritual route that you must go through in order to forgive. Forgiveness is a spectrum to responses of wrongdoings.

An account from the demonic red-blooded girl seizes to exist. For her perfidious love plays the uninvited role of the protagonist in this narrative of the one who became the victim of her ‘disingenuous essence’.

‘My heart is touched by all I cannot save; so much has been destroyed…’ Is the whispering of her soul.

What must become of what was once theirs is what life must delineate. For the deceit now plays to her demise; and from all the things she could pray for, she prays for hope, forgiveness and life.

It is said that one cannot ever truly understand another; all relationships are of a different sort and I do believe that this is in fact a reality. (It is also a topic I have dedicated a post to in the past ‘My Ishba’). However, the significance for the reference to “My Ishba” here identifies the formidable nature of understanding. 

Such deep sorrow surrounds the relationship they shared. But without this sorrow, how would they share joy?



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