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We all make choices. The hard part is living with them.

Real life and fiction are two very close entities which never actually touch. How we chose to live with our choices depicts our inner self; but, everyone has to sleep at night.

For how long must we allow the consequences of our decisions to dictate our lives? Perhaps to the extent in which fiction becomes to play the protagonist in our lives; or maybe until the consequences of our latest decision becomes more powerful than the one before.

They say, a time comes when you must learn to forget the past, and embrace the future. They say, what’s done is done. They say,

‘Through every dark night, there’s a brighter day after that.’

The choice is ours, it always has been.


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End of 2014?

Soon the new year resolutions will build our hope for the coming future as we mentally prepare to get rid and bury that which we despise. 

Us humans like to capture and memorise auspicious moments no matter how big or small they may be in the anticipation that they may eventually simultaneously remove past failures, haunting mistakes and the feelings of unworthiness.

Nothing good we do, no matter how big it may be can remove our past failures, mistakes and worthlessness nor can it guarantee the elimination of further disappointment. But what drives us to live is the uncertainty of tomorrow.

Let us say that we no longer want to live such a life, what would become of us then. Of course death is inevitable if there is life, but if there is no living then death is the subtraction of …

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